Ladies, is it proper to get pregnant for your lover while still married to your husband?

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Is Simon Cowell and Kanye West starting a new adultery-theme trend?

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Lauren Silverman claimed "it is not cheating" to get pregnant for Simon Cowell??? Describe her in your own words.

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Do you agree with Lauren Silverman that her cuckold husband, Andrew is aware Simon is banging his wife and doesn't mind?

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Oh, Lauren Silverman has a racy past, at 16, was having an affair with her teacher, do you think she's gonna cheat on Simon as well?

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"You can't sleep with a Gucci handbag" - Stewart Eisenberg, Lauren Silverman's stepdad. Is this guy for real?

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Is he trying to justify the adultery and blame cuckold Andrew Silverman for letting Simon Cowell bang his wife?

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Lauren Silverman waited for the $3-4M to kick-in in the pre-nup before kicking Andrew Silverman in the gut. Is she the ultimate gold-digger?

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Is it a shame on Simon Cowell to let Lauren Silverman to still be staying in Andrew Silverman's house?

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Is it fair game for Lauren Silverman to cheat on Andrew Silverman, take his house, money and son?

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